Securing Assets Through Gold Investment

As the economies of the world take a plunge due to the rampant act by governments who print money irresponsibly due to deficits that drive the value of paper money further down the road, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that precious metals are the only saving grace they have in order to save what ever they are earning now and retain the purchasing power they have accumulated.

It is a proven fact that hedge funding is done primarily on the value of gold that is based on the spot gold price. As fund managers push the price of gold up with numerous gold buyers depleting available gold in masses, this is driving the prices even further up the charts and at the right moment these hedge fund managers release or dispose the purchased gold to an unsuspecting market that buy up the gold at hefty prices and in the end face the steep falling prices as there are no buyers present.

However this act has met his demise as most gold trading companies and boards have limited the volume of gold traded to stop the manipulation involved in the market by these unscrupulous hedge fund managers. Gold has a store value that makes it impossible to break under speculations. As demand is unaffected by supply the price of gold has remained sturdy for a long time over the past one hundred years. Buying gold and selling gold has become a common practice that seems to reflect on the number of people trying their best to preserve wealth in the form of precious metals.

The value of precious metals especially Gold, silver, palladium and platinum have been steady even during economical downturns making them safe havens to invest in. As currencies lose value it is an inevitable fact that the world would soon enough return to the gold standards that existed prior to the Fiat currency system that the world economies were functioning upon.

The Nixon shock that ended the gold standard in 1971 is poised for a return within the next 2 decades as far as economic strategists are concerned. As such most of these advisors stress that the best way to secure the assets that the mass populace is holding right now is to convert them into gold, silver or any other precious metals either in the form of physical gold bars, silver bars or coins. Another option that they point to are gold stocks.