Which Jobs Are Available In Kuantan?

There are lots of jobs available to you when you want to work and live in Kuantan, Malaysia. The best approach is to sign up for job sites so that you will be able to get a lot of alerts into your email inbox about jobs that are suitable for you.

There are lots of different variables that you can use to narrow down your search for a job. You can choose the location of the job. You can choose the job title or specifications when you hunt for job vacancies in Kuantan. If you do not have any experience in a particular field, you can also search for jobs which do not require any prior experience.

This helps to make your job hunting efforts much more efficient and then you will have a higher chance of finding a job that suits your education, skill set or previous experience.

Which jobs are available for you in Kuantan, Malaysia?

Marketing Executive

A marketing executive has the task of building a company’s online presence through marketing. This can be done through posting content on a company blog or updating social media accounts. Email campaigns can also be written by the marketing executive. You need to have a strong grasp of the written word, as well as an eye for images and an understanding of how to make videos.

You will find lots of marketing executive jobs that you can apply for in Kuantan, Malaysia.

Marketing Manager

The role of a marketing manager differs slightly from a marketing executive. Instead of directly creating all of the marketing content for a business, the manager will devise and oversee campaigns to see how successful they are. The marketing manager will then report to their superiors such as CEOs in order to give them weekly or monthly basis.

You will see lots of marketing manager jobs that you can apply for in Kuantan, Malaysia.

Finance Manager

A finance manager is in charge of all the company accounts and will make sure that the company is not in danger of slipping into the red. It will be the finance manager’s job to identify where the business can save money. Also, the finance manager will be in charge of forecasting future profits and well as helping to facilitate complex business dealings such as company mergers and takeovers.

You need to be skilled with computer programmes such as Microsoft Excel and you need a good eye for figures. There are lots of finance manager jobs that you can apply for when you are living in Malaysia.

Business Development Manager

A business development manager is responsible for ensuring a business is able to diversify and to grow at the same time. There are lots of these jobs in Kuantan, Malaysia.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer may be charged with designing a company logo or assisting with the general layout of the company website. Any company brochures that are produced will also be designed by the graphic designer.

There are lots of jobs to apply for in Kuantan, Malaysia.