How to switch job on a positive note

job switch

Regardless of the position an employee might be in or how happy he/ she might be on the job, there comes a time when new challenges and career opportunities are too irresistible to turn down. In general people always keep one eye open for what’s happening in the job market and how a switch in jobs can lead to more lucrative and rewarding positions.

That of course in no way implies that there is a need to change jobs frequently. By being aware of the developments in their line of work and the need for specific and enhanced skill sets, employees can build their knowledge base towards probable future positions.

Given all these variables, if you feel that the time has come to make a move to a new employer, it is necessary that you choose an appropriate time to do so irrespective of whether it is for personal and professional reasons. Once a new position in another company is sealed, your focus should be on leaving your present company gracefully and without any malice. It does not pay to burn your bridges when you leave. In fact it should be on a cordial note where your supervisors or managers wish that you would have stayed. You never know, you might want to come back again.

Here are a few tips on how to switch jobs on a positive note.

Give sufficient notice

In any company for any post, a resignation leaves a void that is not easy to fill and getting a replacement takes time. Vacancies have to be notified in newspapers or labour recruitment agencies have to be contacted for suitable candidates. For instance, for offices in Victoria, Australia, getting in touch with agencies specialising in Melbourne labour jobs will get the right potential employees but then interviews have to be gone through. Given these circumstances, always give adequate notice – not so little that will leave them scrambling for alternatives and not so late that your relieving gets dragged out.

Always follow the designated chain of command. Inform your managers and supervisors before talking about it with your co-workers.

Finish work on hand

There will be a natural tendency to slow down or be slack in your work once you have got new employment and have given notice to your current employers. But it is important that you stay mentally engaged and linked to your current job and finish all the work on hand. Apart from making the transition to a new employee easier for your managers, maintaining the quality of work till the end will help you leave the company with your reputation intact.

Create a changeover plan

It will be convenient for your present company to make the transition to a new employee if you create a transition blueprint in writing and give it to your Manager. Give details of all the work you have been doing, methods and processes followed by you and what needs to be done by the new person in future. Also include all key contacts, upcoming deadlines and anything of note in your department. It is advisable that you go through this plan personally with the Manager so that your work can be easily transferred to the incoming person.  

Connect with your co-workers and say thank you

Before leaving your job, connect with your co-workers both personally and over online social media platforms like LinkedIn to make sure that you can stay in touch with them in future. You never know but it can help you later if you build up a bank of contacts now with those in the same profession. Finally, make sure that you express your appreciation and thanks to your managers and co-workers for the help extended to you on the job. Focus on the positives only as this is not the time to bring up any unpleasant experiences that you might have had in the past.

These are some of the ways that will help you to change jobs on a positive note.