Scope of Plastering Business in Melbourne

Solid plastering

Melbourne is a vibrant fast expanding city with development and new constructions witnessing an exponential boom in recent years. It is thus not surprising that the scope of plastering business in the city is one of the highest in Australia.

Solid plastering goes back to Roman times. Mixtures of lime, sand and volcanic ash were used to cover rough mud and block walls. Today plastering has evolved into an option that can be used on various surfaces such as brick and block, concrete, plasterboard and even modern energy efficient walls made of polystyrene. Rendering or plastering a wall enhances acoustic and thermal properties, durability and makes it resistant to moisture. This is apart from enhancing the aesthetics of any domestic and commercial building.

What then is the scope for and techniques used in plastering business in Melbourne?

Rendering and setting

The surface of the wall is first applied with a coat of grey cement, lime and plastering sand. When set, this is covered with hard wall plaster and lime putty making the surface white and smooth for the final paint finish. This method is for internal walls only and not suitable for external ones.

Sand finish

In this process, the face of a render is worked upon with a float and sponge. The float pushes the coarse particles of sand into the render and brings cement, sand and lime to the surface which can then be sponged off for a smooth finish.


Melbourne is dotted with incredible architectural splendours and many commercial and residential buildings are being constructed on these lines. Hence there is a tremendous scope for Sgraffito in the city. This type of plastering applies a design or mural to a rendered wall. Various coloured render is first applied to the wall and then the required mural is traced and stencilled onto the surface. Finally, the area around the picture is scraped away and the contrasting renders are brought to the surface.

Glass faced cement finish

In most of Melbourne’s high end homes and top commercial offices and other establishments, this plastering method is used. The surfaces in this method become highly polished and smooth while being hygienic and water resistant. The last property makes it ideal for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, operating theatres and cold storage rooms.

For fast expanding Melbourne, there will never be a shortage of scope for solid plasterers in the city.